Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fighting the battle

That is exactly what all of this is.  One big battle.  And it's kind of a long one for some of us, well most of us I bet.  I had a cousin of mine comment on Facebook and she said "Just keep trying.  If you never give up, then you're always in the battle and eventually you will win."  That is awesome advice.  I think that is really good to keep in the back of my mind.  "Just keep it up, Lindsey.  You think you're failing but you're not.  You are just fighting a battle that's really hard to win.  But one day you will get there."  It was a good start to the day to read that advice.   

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  1. Hey Linz :) Just hope you know that you're awesome! And I love reading your bolg(s) :) You're an amazing woman! So proud to call you sister and know that I'm always one of your many fans <3